The great sitters on staff that all have years of experience volunteering at shelters, owning cats themselves and even working with other cat sitting companies. They are all background checked, bonded and trained by us. They will absolutely deliver the same level of service as the owners deliver. We have never received anything but praise for the wonderful sitters on our staff.


Cats have been a constant source of joy in Karen’s life since she begged to bring home a neighbor's kitten when she was eight.  Currently, she has four cats, Widgie (pictured), Mr Softee, Weena and Chubby.  After several years of fostering underage kittens at the SPCA, she ended up adopting a whole litter after her dear cat, Bunny, passed away.   Karen recently retired from her wedding flower business of 25 years, but still dabbles in freelance floral design.  In addition to snuggling with cats, she loves living in San Francisco, going for morning walks on the Embarcadero, and spending time with her husband and two teen daughters.  Karen is also certified in Animal Reiki.


Mary has had a cat or cats, whenever possible, beginning with David Chuck Pepper in 1971 through Josie and Bridget today.  We make up songs in honor of our kitties, we talk to them, we kiss and snuggle them, we love them and all cats.  They have multiple nicknames and lined cardboard “cat boxes” all over the house for them to chill in.  They have toys and a kitty condo.  I will take excellent care of your cat!


Mary is also raising 2 insightful human children with her amazing husband in SF, reads paper books, swims and has been trying to make friends with a sailboat owner in the Bay Area for 17 years :)


Emily was destined for cat-ladydom from the day she was born and shared her crib with her furry brother. Ever since then, she has almost always had cats in her life. She previously worked her cat whisperer skills as a volunteer with the East Bay SPCA and Miami-Dade County Animal Service (where she adopted her spicy, chatterbox, Finn). In 2016 she returned to San Francisco where she and Finn now live with their human roommate and her feline child. Emily has spent the last two years fostering tiny kittens and has convinced her parents along with 7 other local families to adopt 11 of her fosters and counting.....she's basically a kitty hero. Through this work, she has gained valuable experience interacting with fearful kitties, administering medication, recognizing kitty needs, and of course, giving all the cuddles. In addition to her love of cats, she is an avid SF 49ers and Oakland A's fan and working on her crocheting skills with the goal of making beds for her foster fur babies. She can't wait to treat your fur children as if they were her own.


Oriahna has grown up her entire life around cats, always having multiple from the time she was little. She and her family have always had a soft spot for ferals and strays. Her most recent rescue is an orange tabby kitten she found under her grandparent's house. She is a California native, and currently residing in the San Francisco as a psychology student at City College. She has one beloved calico kitty. Your furry friend will be in loving and caring hands!


Charlie has called San Francisco home for 20 years and is a life-long lover of animals. His current in-house companion is a 3 year old, SPCA rescue cat named Meadow, a high energy Tortie! Charlie has great enthusiasm for the arts, yoga, meditation, community service (film festivals, SF AIDS Walk) and nature photography. He relishes the opportunity to give your cats the care and companionship they need while you are away. 


Caroline is a long-time resident of San Francisco, and has been working in the hospitality industry for over 15 years while pursuing career opportunities in varying fields. She has done everything from legal assisting to substitute teaching.  After her beloved cat passed, she explored the idea of fostering but eventually found the perfect opportunity to expense some of her love and passion for animals which had been stifled since losing her own. Caroline comes to us with great enthusiasm and a deep understanding of people's bonds with their cats, and displays it in the care she shows for every little furball she meets.


Hailing from New York City, Julee has shared her life with many cats (Lola, Lucy, Mister Bopo, and Neus). She views cats as magical creatures who provide unconditional love and affection and who become family members or best friends to us. Julee's aim as a catsitter is to empathize and offer safety and kindness to these sweethearts. When Julee is not caring for cats (and her family's dogs, Pebble and Sandy) she is an illustrator/graphic designer ...who enjoys drawing cats.


Caitlyn was born and raised in Florida and made her way to the west coast once she finished college. After visiting San Francisco once, she fell in love with the city and moved back a month later to pursue her career in the tech industry. It was natural for Caitlyn to become fond of cats since she grew up around them. Her college roommate even brought her cat across the country so Caitlyn would care for it while she was abroad. Apart from hanging with kitties, Caitlyn loves to explore the outdoors, practice yoga, and take care of her dozens of plants.


Alex is a student at San Francisco State University and has spent her whole life living in Moscow, Russia up until her move to San Francisco. She's had cats her entire life (Shapkin) inspired by the Russian word for hat “shapka,” as he slept in a tabby colored fur hat as a baby, thinking it was his mother. He was her beloved cat who lived until the age of 10.  She is a huge cat fanatic but has love for all animals. She is ecstatic to be caring for all of your precious furry critters!


Nathan is a Bay Area native who grew up in a big family that included cats and other pets. Nathan has been involved in caring for others in one way or the other since his early adolescence. He spent a few years volunteering with a group that supported homeless individuals and later worked with developmentally delayed adults to help them gain independence. Nathan currently works in San Francisco doing maintenance and apartment construction at a SRO in SOMA. Him and his partner love cats and can't currently have their own so he's happy to connect and care for your kitties!


Nina, a SF native, has natural cat instincts. She grew up with two cats, and currently is a mother to three (Trixy, Tabitha, and Tuna). She is currently enrolled in Saint Mary's College of California majoring in Dance and Justice, Community, and Leadership and a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. Although she may not know what she wants to do in the future, she loves spending her time with kitties for now! Meow! 


Leo, born with an unfortunate cat allergy, has made it his life's mission to be the ultimate cat dad. Thanks to likes of Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra, Leo has been able to spend 5 years volunteering at the SPCA where he recently won the Golden Heart Award for his passionate dedication to felines. Whether it be running around trying to feed 60+ kittens, leading the SPCA Macy’s Holiday Windows, or coaxing a grumpy cat out of her shell with treats, Leo has yet to meet a cat who hasn't immediately stolen his heart!


Julieta was born and raised in San Francisco and has had a deep love for cats her whole life.  Along with being a mom to a furry friend herself, she has also volunteered in animal shelters and is an experienced cat sitter.  Julieta wants you to know that "I can’t wait to meet and care for your furry friend!"


I love all animals, but absolutely love cats. I've grown up with mainly cats all my life and now have a fur baby of my own named Kiko, who I adopted at the SPPCA in 2007. He was 4 months old when I adopted him and he's still in really good health and full of energy. I work a full-time job with the Department of Public Health helping do preventative care work. My passion is helping people. My friends call me the cat whisper because I understand cats’ body language from tail movement to different types of purring.  In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, traveling, baking and trying out new things. I look forward to meeting and taking great care of your fur baby and giving them love and attention.


Sparrow has always had a special relationship with cats. She admires their curiosity, playfulness, intuitive nature, and independence. Besides taking wonderful care of your great cats, sparrow spends her time raising her two teenage sons, practicing martial arts, being a massage therapist and studying traditional Chinese medicine.


I was born and raised in San Francisco and have grown up with many cats her whole life. I am currently studying Scene Painting at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts but frequently fly back to SF for breaks. This past year I have been actively fostering kittens and cats with a variety of pasts through my local animal shelter. It was hands-down the best decision I have made while at school! They have enriched my life and have gifted me with constant snuggles and entertainment. I love spending time with any and every cat I meet, including yours!


Lyre has lived her entire life with at least one cat at her side. From helping pregnant mommy cats give birth and raising kittens through her teen years, all the way through nursing elder kitties during her time as a college student; Lyre has had a very great amount of experience with cats of all types and ages.
Skilled with cats who need meds, who love to play for hours, who chat whenever they see a human, or who love to spend time alone under a bed, Lyre is happy to spend a day taking care of your kitty while you're away.


Henry is an experienced cat sitter, with several years under his belt in his home town of Sacramento. He grew up with many cats and knows how to deal with every personality from loving lap cat to borderline feral stray. He is trained in cat CPR and first aid. Henry is excited to get to know and take care of your cats!


Mari has always had a deep love for cats (and all animals!) since she was a kid, and has spent seven years volunteering with all kinds of cats at her local animal shelter, as well as owning two herself. Originally a Washington state native, Mari has traveled to San Francisco to major in International Studies at USF. She does not have any cats currently but is elated to meet and care for your furry family members while you’re away!


Alethea became extra fond of cats when one of her roommates welcomed a purr-fect roommate to the household back in college. But oh, the tragedy! She soon discovered she’s allergic to kitties! But no allergy can keep her away from amazing places like cat cafes or CatCon, thanks to Claritin sold in nearby stores. Alethea moved to SF in December of 2018, and currently lives in a no-pet apartment. To make up for her cat-less home, she enjoys befriending and caring for your cat(s)! Outside of work and studying for Finance, Alethea enjoys reading, creative projects, and surfing YouTube for that next hit song or Facebook for amazing cat videos.


Kai grew up in Delaware & Pennsylvania where animals first came into her life at the age of 4. As she grew, so did her love of animals thanks to a German Shepard named Grover and loveable tabbies Sherry I and Sherry II. For the past 16+ years she has had the pleasure of caring for & getting to know kittie sisters, Nina & Simone. Simone is a sleek grand Dame at 19 years old and the sweet Nina lived to be 16 years old (and is very much missed). She thinks furry family members add more joy, adventure, and love to your life.

Kai moved to San Francisco 11 years ago and has worked in online retail. When not caring for amazing cats, she is creating photographs & studying winemaking.