Caitlyn was born and raised in Florida. After finishing college, she visited San Francisco, fell in love with the city, and moved back a month later. Having grown up around them, Caitlyn is naturally fond of cats and has lots of experience keeping them happy and healthy. Her college roommate even brought her cat across the country so Caitlyn could care for it while she was abroad. She also loves to be outdoors, practice yoga, and take care of her plants.


Julieta was born and raised in San Francisco and has had a deep love for cats her whole life.  Along with being a mom to a furry friend herself, she has also volunteered in animal shelters and is an experienced cat sitter. Julieta can’t wait to meet and care for your furry friend!


Leo, born with an unfortunate cat allergy, has made it his life's mission to be the ultimate cat dad. Thanks to medicine, Leo has been able to spend 5 years volunteering at the SPCA where he recently won the Golden Heart Award for his passionate dedication to felines. Whether running around trying to feed 60+ kittens, leading the SPCA Macy’s Holiday Windows, or coaxing a grumpy cat out of her shell with treats, Leo has yet to meet a cat who hasn't immediately stolen his heart!



Alex spent her whole life living in Moscow, Russia up until her move to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University. She's had cats her entire life, including Shapkin (named for the Russian word for hat “shapka”), as he slept in a tabby colored fur hat as a baby, thinking it was his mother. She is a huge cat fanatic and is ecstatic to be caring for all of your precious furry critters!


Nathan is a Bay Area native who grew up in a big family with cats and other pets. He has been involved in caring for others in one way or another since his early adolescence. He volunteered with a group supporting homeless individuals and later worked with developmentally delayed adults to help them gain independence. Nathan loves cats and can't currently have his own so is happy to connect and care for your kitties!


Nina, a San Francisco native, has natural cat instincts. She grew up with two cats and is now mother to three (Trixy, Tabitha, and Tuna). She is a graduate of Saint Mary's College of California where she majored in Dance and Justice, Community, and Leadership with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. Although Nina may not be sure what she wants to do in the future, she loves spending her time with kitties for now! Meow!


Tee-Jai loves all animals, but especially cats. In 2007, she adopted her own fur-baby, Kiko, from the SPCA. Her friends call her the cat whisperer due to her deep understanding of cat body language, from tail movements to different purrs. Besides cats, she is passionate about helping people and works full-time at the Department of Public Health doing preventative care work. Tee-Jai also enjoys traveling and baking and looks forward to giving your fur baby all her love and attention.


Helen is a lifelong cat lover, born in the Bay Area but raised partially in France. She lived with many wonderful cats before meeting her own Hermes, a sweet handsome Maine Coon/Tabby, in 2020. Together they moved from Oakland to San Francisco, where they enjoy lounging in the afternoon sun and watching birds. Besides her leisurely time with Hermes, Helen studies at City College of San Francisco, makes costumes for local theaters, and plays music. She loves how each cat is unique and requires you to get to know them on their terms.


Olivia is a kitty sitter with more than 4 years of professional experience. Growing up with tons of kitties (over 12 at one point!) made caring for them professionally a natural next step. In 2017 she worked as a lead caretaker at a cat boarding facility, learning how to give all types of medications, spot sickness, care for kitties of all temperaments and special needs, and even grooming! She is always excited to make more feline friends. Even if they’re shy, she is still happy to be in their presence and would be honored to care for your kitty in any way they prefer.


Taylor was born and raised in the Sacramento area and traveled to the Bay Area for broader opportunities. Growing up with dogs and a horse, she developed an abundance of love and appreciation for all animals. She prides herself on being a prompt and attentive care giver and is excited to meet new furry friends.