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Taking Purr-fect IG Photos

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

With InstaFamous cats getting more and more attention by the day, you may wonder if your cat has what it takes to become Instagram famous. There are lots of bonuses to having a large social media following, such as getting PR packages with free food and toys from cat care companies! Your cat doesn’t need to be some rare or expensive breed, just a defining feature and a willingness to sit still and maybe put on some accessories. Here are some tips to make sure the images you capture work the best for Instagram.

For this, we’ll be using our Precious Fur cat sitting clients @cobythecat and @onehappycreampuff as examples!


Light and bright backgrounds work the best for Instagram. Your eyes are more drawn to bright colors, so bright pictures do better with the Instagram algorithm.

If your cat has a white coat like Coby, light backgrounds can still work. His owners often use light grey or off white.


Cats aren’t usually a big fan of bright lights, so bringing in professional grade lighting will not be worth the price. The best kind of lighting is big, natural lighting. Something like a big window behind you during mid day will result in the best looking pictures.


Eyes are the windows to the soul, so make them the focus of your pictures! Pictures where the cat looks into the camera feel more engaging, making people more likely to interact with the post.

Coby became famous because of his eyes, so maybe your cat could be next!

Another important and well loved feature of any cat is the paw pads, also known as the beans. If you catch your cat displaying their little paws, get it on camera!


Clothes are not necessary for a good Instagram pic, but they certainly help. Most of the time, these cats are posting purely natural, naked content. However, a cute bowtie or glasses goes a long way every once in a while!

Other Tips:

  • Use lots of tags, but not in the post. Make your first comment on the post the tags you want to use.

  • Post every day.

  • Instagram is a constantly changing and evolving platform, so check in on other cats and see what they’re posting and what is working well for them.

  • Most importantly, have fun with it! The social media landscape can be harsh and unforgiving at times. If you’re not having fun with it, don’t do it.

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