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Should I Use Rover Or A Professional Cat Sitter? A Cat Owner’s Guide

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

As a cat owner, this scenario may be familiar: you decide to go on vacation, but are unsure what to do with your cat. You can’t bring it with you, so you look for other options. Do you hire the neighbor’s kid? A professional sitter? Or what about a service like Rover? The choice can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. This article will explain why hiring a professional cat sitter may be the best fit for you and your kitty.

A Familiar Environment

Cats are routine creatures. When they are removed from the comfort of their home, there are many unfamiliar sounds, smells and textures that may cause stress or anxiety for your pet (not to mention most cats aren’t too thrilled about a car ride in a carrier). Choosing to use a professional sitter means your cat won’t have to leave their territory, and their diet and exercise regimens won’t be interrupted. Travel trauma is also removed from the equation, as a professional sitter takes care of your kitty in the environment where they’re happiest for your peace of mind.

Quality of Visits

With a professional, the quality of visits and quality of interactions with your pet is typically higher. Most have completed training and received certifications to ensure your pet gets the best quality of care possible and they have experience with all sorts of brushes, toys, litter and feeders. They’ll follow the instructions the owner(s) leaves them, and many will send updates of how your pet is doing along with pictures. Professionals are educated in cat body language, meaning they’ll know when your cat is in the mood to play, or if they would rather sleep. They can stay and play with your cat for however long you ask, providing social interaction for your cat and keeping them mentally stimulated.

In addition to taking care of your animal, professionals do general upkeep around your house to make sure things are as they should be. They collect your mail, bring packages inside, and can take out your trash if requested. The security of your house is important to them, and simply having them there adds an extra level of safety against any burglars.

Determine Health Issues

Along with feeding, playing with, and cleaning up after your cat, professional cat sitters are also skilled in determining unusual behavior that may be a sign of a health problem. While services like Rover can be easy and do work, professionals have a deeper knowledge of what emergency situations look like and what the best course of actions to take are. Most are trained in administering medication and can contact your veterinarian should anything happen. Professional sitters also have a company behind them and in an emergency, will undoubtedly have trained help available if needed.

Professional Certifications

Professionals have certifications and requirements that the other options do not. For example, they are required to have background checks for clients’ safety. They have insurance coverage, and ask clients to sign service contracts. As previously mentioned, they have proper pet care training, and are offering pet sitting as a business rather than a side-gig; the care of your pet is their career, and they are determined to make sure you and your kitty are satisfied. By hiring a professional cat sitting company, like Precious Fur, you also know that even if something were to happen to your assigned sitter, there would be someone available to access and care for your pet the way you want while you are away.

Professional cat sitters may be a perfect match for you and your animal, but there are other options that owners look into as well. Online pet sitting services are becoming more and more popular, however it’s recommended that as an owner you do research into whichever service you choose to go with, as well as the individual service providers. It’s important that no matter the choice you end up picking, your cat is safe and in good hands!


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