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Meet Our Team

Our sitters all have years of experience volunteering at shelters, owning cats themselves, and even working with other cat sitting companies. They are all background checked, bonded, and trained by us. They will absolutely deliver the same level of service as the owners deliver. We have never received anything but praise for the wonderful sitters on our staff.

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Dominique is an animal lover raised in Portland. They had pets in their youth and want to adopt a furry friend in the future. Dominique grew up living with three dogs in their own home as well as several lovable cats belonging to aunts and close family friends. Their favorite things to do around town are paddle boarding, skiing, visiting different food carts, and walking around the city. Their favorite cat toys are fish poles and laser pointers! Dominique is excited to care for and play with your cats!

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Cats have always had a special place in Emily’s heart that stemmed from growing up with them, working with them at an animal shelter and cat sitting, and finding her own furry soulmate after moving to Portland from NYC. Emily finds forming special bonds with different cats to be so rewarding and making them feel appreciated and loved is a priority for her. Her calming energy makes them feel comfortable.




Joyce loves cats. Cats are a theme in her life. She has hosted many a cat party and even had a few cat zoom parties during covid. She has fostered cats/kittens from the humane society and taken in strays throughout her life. They are in her art, in her writing, and on her clothes. They are everywhere. She currently shares a home with several cats in Downtown Portland. Besides cats, she works on a radio show, performs stand up comedy and writes. She loves meeting new cats and hopes to meet yours sometime soon.

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Nadia has had at least 5 cats by her side since day one. When her parents brought home her first cat Tigger, a side-of -the road rescue, he immediately bit her tiny hand and commenced a ferocious and painful bunny kick. It was love at first sight. In her youth, Nadia cared for many local cats while their families vacationed, learning to handle medically fragile cats and those with high needs. As an adult, she fostered pregnant kitties and volunteered with a local rescue in LA. In 2014, Nadia landed in Portland, OR where she met her husband and combined animal families. Currently, they have five cats, three dogs, one pig, and a toddler. You can often find all of them sharing the same king sized bed and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Andrea Emeryville Pet and House Sitters


Human Resources

Andrea works behind the scenes remotely from her home in Oregon supporting all of the sitters and clients by ensuring that business systems run smoothly. As a life-long lover of animals and problem solving, this role was a perfect fit. When not focused on Precious Fur, she works as a voice actor, volunteers in the community and enjoys adventures with her partner and two children.

Kristin Precious Fur Owner Cat Sitting SF East Bay


Business Owner

Kristin is a native Oregonian that developed her love for cats in homes that always had animals around. When she’s not busy playing with her feline friends, Kristin stays busy by chasing around her two young kids, Glen (3) and Mirinda (2), with help from her husband, Neil. 

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