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Meet Our Team

Our sitters all have years of experience volunteering at shelters, owning cats themselves, and even working with other cat sitting companies. They are all background checked, bonded, and trained by us. They will absolutely deliver the same level of service as the owners deliver. We have never received anything but praise for the wonderful sitters on our staff.




Cats have always had a special place in Emily’s heart that stemmed from growing up with them, working with them at an animal shelter and cat sitting, and finding her own furry soulmate after moving to Portland from NYC. Emily finds forming special bonds with different cats to be so rewarding and making them feel appreciated and loved is a priority for her. Her calming energy makes them feel comfortable.



Ren moved to Portland from Toledo, OH in 2017. While he has loved animals his whole life, he began to especially like cats while befriending his roommates' five cats during the pandemic. While he wasn't able to have his own cat growing up, he's hoping to adopt one soon. He has a BA from Reed College, and plans to pursue a second degree in biology or zoology. Besides caring for your cats, he works as an afterschool teacher. Outside of work, he enjoys birdwatching, reading, and making art.



Lily's first cat was Fernap, a grizzled tom that a neighbor named Merlin gave up, the reason passed down as legend being because he was "a dud" as he was gray and not black. He was not a dud, he was a wonderful animal and since then many a wayward cat has come to find refuge in her household. Lily is a mother of an amazing teenager who she raised to love technology and video games as much as she does, and is an artist and content creator when she's not visiting cats around the Beaverton area.



Seth is a cat lover and always has been. Starting out in life with 2 cats Georgia (O’Keefe) and Willa (Cather), and then Alice (Walker) and Harriette (Tubman). The foundation of loving and respectful behavior with critters started at a very young age. Seth’s two Moms made sure he had loving relationships with Mother Earth, flora and fauna. As an adult Seth has mostly worked as a waitress and caregiver. Seth is married to his husband Troy, and their current family includes our baby Dave Cat. Sadly they lost their bunny Johnny Carrots, but still love his memory. Seth is a loyal and trustworthy, lover of all creatures great and small.



Regina grew up in Michigan with both cats and dogs and has loved animals her whole life. She got her first cat at age 20 and today has 3: Beanie, Momo, and Rudi. Regina moved to the Portland/Vancouver area in 2020 and loves exploring the city while meeting and caring for cats. Her ultimate dream is to have an adventure cat to take hiking. When not caring for cats she is an artist with her own small business who thinks cats are the best companions and just magical creatures!



Assistant Manager

Kristen has a deep appreciation for animals, always looking to learn more about behavior and care. She grew up with cats, volunteered with cats, and adopted two littermates of her own. Kristen recently moved from Minneapolis with her Portlander partner and her kitty siblings, Griffin and Loon. Outside of cat care, she loves museums, yoga, and plants. Kristen is eager to meet and care for your cat soon!


Human Resources

Andrea works behind the scenes remotely from her home in Oregon supporting all of the sitters and clients by ensuring that business systems run smoothly. As a life-long lover of animals and problem solving, this role was a perfect fit. When not focused on Precious Fur, she works as a voice actor, volunteers in the community and enjoys adventures with her partner and two children.


Business Owner

Kristin is a native Oregonian that developed her love for cats in homes that always had animals around. When she’s not busy playing with her feline friends, Kristin stays busy by chasing around her two young kids, Glen and Mirinda, with help from her husband, Neil.

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