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Meet Our Team

Our sitters all have years of experience volunteering at shelters, owning cats themselves, and even working with other cat sitting companies. They are all background checked, bonded, and trained by us. They will absolutely deliver the same level of service as the owners deliver. We have never received anything but praise for the wonderful sitters on our staff.

Abra Bay Area Pet Sitter



Abra is an indiscriminate animal lover – but cats are her purrrticular favorite! A Frisco native, Abra was born in the city (with a cat in her cradle!) and raised in Northern California, where she had many animal buddies in her fur family. She has a BA from UC Santa Cruz, is an accomplished Artist, and loves to swim. Abra adores her two rescue kitties, Myste The Mystable Twist (aka Unchkin) and Jujubee Silver Springs.

Akhi Bay Area Pet Sitter


Akhi is that friend who sees a cat on the sidewalk and immediately HAS to pet them and take a picture. Their family had lots of kitties growing up, (with various band names such as Led Zeppelin and Queen) and now they currently have two cats of their own and that's hardly enough. Their goal is to travel and pet all the kitties of the world. Akhi also loves to read and draw, and plans to become a librarian.


Alethea SF Pet Sitter



Alethea became extra fond of cats when one of her roommates welcomed a purr-fect roommate to the household back in college. She moved to San Francisco in December of 2018, and currently lives in a no-pet apartment. To make up for her cat-less home, she enjoys befriending and caring for your cat(s)! Outside of work and studying for Finance, Alethea enjoys reading, creative projects, and surfing YouTube for that next hit song or Facebook for amazing cat videos.

Anne SF Pet Sitter



Anne is a San Francisco native who is the mom to 2 girls: Agnes and Evie. Agnes is her 8 year old rabbit and Evie is her 4 year old kitty. Both little girls are her world, so she has a very soft spot for bunnies and kitties and extends that love to all little creatures. When she's not serving her daughters, she is crocheting or drinking boba.

Ashley SF Pet Sitter



Coming soon

Bradley San Francisco Professional Cat Sitting



Bradley grew up with numerous cats in Charlotte, NC and has been an avid cat lover ever since.  While he cannot have any pets due to lease issues, he thoroughly enjoys spending time with his boyfriend's cat Meadow.  Bradley has lived in the Castro neighborhood for the last twenty years and has been active with numerous animal right groups over the years.

Caitlyn SF Pet Sitter


Caitlyn has been an animal lover since she was a young child, so caring for cats across the city she now calls home is a dream come true. She admires them for their curiosity and their tenacity, and is looking forward to witnessing every unique personality that she will come across while working at Precious Fur. Her love of cats extends well into her spare time: she spends hours online browsing subreddits dedicated to cats and their adorable antics, to the point where her phone is filled to the brim with cute videos she’ll happily show to anyone who asks.


Daria SF Pet Sitter



Daria moved to the Bay Area with her family at age 6 and has been here ever since! She has loved being around animals (cats most of all) since she was a child, but couldn’t have any in the house. To make up for it, she would take any opportunity to cat sit for her neighbors, friends, coworkers and college roommates. She now gets to live the dream with her roommate's cat, Circe! Daria has a BFA from Stephens College, and works as a professional costume designer around the Bay. She loves hiking, sewing, gardening, and befriending every cat she meets!

Drew SF Pet Sitter



Drew has always loved cats and is currently a cat mom to four precious fur babies. She came to San Francisco for college and has been here ever since then. Besides cuddling kitties she also enjoys reading and sewing.

San Francisco Cat Sitter Elena



Elena moved to San Francisco about a year ago from Sonoma county and brought her 2 kitties with her. She has been around cats since birth; they are some of her first memories. Around age 14 she started volunteering for Rohnert Park animal shelter and has fostered over 100 kitties since then. She has also worked at an animal hospital making sure to keep the cats and dogs comfortable while boarding or staying for procedures. Since then she’s been pet sitting, making great connections with both the clients and their pets.

Gina Pet Sitter



Gina’s road to Precious Fur and love of cats is an interesting one. A lifelong Bay Area native, Gina left home at 17 as an Army Reservist, studied Criminal Justice at SJSU, and spent the next 25+ years in Human Resources. During college, a boyfriend gave her a cat for Mother’s Day, beginning a lifelong love affair (kitties, not the boyfriend). She left the corporate world in 2020 and moved to the City, fur babies Penny and Jilly in tow. Gina understands firsthand how difficult it can be to travel and leave fur babies behind and has a strong commitment to making sure clients can rest assured that they are in great hands.

Giusi Cat Sitter



Born and raised in Italy, Giusi grew up with a passion for cats. She had her first kitty when she was 17, but has lived with cats since then. Giusi now has two cats, Zoe and Ollie, and along with her daughter, they are her family. Giusi’s passion for animals led her back to college to pursue a degree in biology with the goal to become a conservation biologist and protect all the animals around the world! In her free time Giusi loves cooking, watching Netflix, reading and taking road trips. She is looking forward to meeting your beloved furry friends!

Henry Cat Sitter



Henry is an experienced cat sitter, with several years under his belt both in his home town of Sacramento and with Precious Fur. He grew up with many cats and knows how to deal with every personality from the loving lap cat to borderline feral stray. He is trained in cat CPR and first aid. Henry is excited to get to know and take care of your cats!

Hiromi SF Cat Sitter


Hiromi was born in Japan. Her father was a Veterinarian so she always had an early exposure to and love of animals.  Hiromi came to the United States for University, first in New York and then San Francisco where she wound up staying. She is an event photographer with interests in music (playing Koto and editing music), traveling, film, cooking and of course her love of her fur baby Sage (a 16 year old lovable gray Diva tabby who always seems to have the last word). Hiromi has a deep affinity with cats, a true cat lover. Hiromi loves meeting and taking care of each precious fur baby, making sure each is happy and comfortable.


Jenn SF Pet Sitter



A nurturer by nature, Jenn was born and raised in the Bay Area. In her youth she developed a special love for and bond with animals, but has in recent years found a favorite in cats. She is intrigued by their mysterious, unique, and independent nature and is touched by how intuitive and accepting they are. Although not a current cat parent, Jenn is proud to be “auntie” to Nala and El Gato. She endeavors to treat every furry loved one she encounters as her own, building trust, exercising patience and showing unconditional love. In her personal time, Jenn is an avid traveler.

Judith Cat Sitter



Judith moved to the Bay Area from Wisconsin to attend law school, then did a 180 and trained as a professional intuitive and animal communicator. She has fostered, rescued, adopted and pampered many cats over the years. A friend once told her that if there’s such a thing as reincarnation, they want to come back as Judith’s cat. A fervent foodie, she enjoys cooking, fermenting, and restaurants. Her precious fur family, Peanut and Toby, are both elderly rescues. She’s excited to meet other San Francisco cats and provide them with sensitive, conscientious care while you’re away!

Julee Cat Sitting Rockridge Piedmont



Hailing from New York City, Julee has shared her life with many cats (Lola, Lucy, Mister Bopo, and Neus). She views cats as magical creatures who provide unconditional love and affection and who become family members and best friends to their people. Julee's aim as a cat sitter is to empathize and offer safety and kindness to these sweethearts. When Julee is not caring for cats (and her family's dogs, Pebble and Sandy) she is an illustrator/graphic designer ...who enjoys drawing cats.

Kai Pet Sitting SF



Kai grew up in Delaware & Pennsylvania where animals first came into her life at the age of 4. As she grew, so did her love of animals thanks to a German Shepard named Grover, loveable tabbies Sherry I and Sherry II, and  kittie sisters, Nina & Simone. She thinks furry family members add more joy, adventure, and love to your life. Kai moved to San Francisco 11 years ago and when not caring for amazing cats, she is creating photographs & studying winemaking.

Kasandra Pet Sitter


Kasandra is a relative newcomer to San Francisco, having moved here in 2021 from the East Coast. A lifelong adopter of older cats from shelters, she’s loved many kitties with special needs, and relishes giving them all the gentle attention, sensitivity, and love they require! She’s a CPA & nonprofit finance professional who runs an intuitive counseling business and also works as an editorial assistant. She loves to paint, write flash fiction and poetry, and go for long exploratory walks in her new home!


Laura Cat Sitter



A life-long animal lover, Laura has lived with cats all of her life and adores their quiet intelligence, independent natures, quirky personalities, and the daily comfort and joy they bring. Coming from the East Coast after college, Laura first adopted Eddy, the love of her life for 18 years, then sweet Frida, and hasn’t been without a pair since. Now Laura, her husband and son share their lives and every inch of their apartment with Bouboulina and Johnny Domino. Having to travel for work for years, Laura understands the importance of having someone you can absolutely trust to care for your felines while you’re away. In addition to her work as a writer, producer, and director of events sales, Laura finds providing that care particularly rewarding.

Lyre Precious Fur Cat Sitter



Lyre has lived her entire life with at least one cat at her side. From helping pregnant mommy cats give birth and raising kittens through her teen years, all the way through nursing elder kitties during her time as a college student; Lyre has had a very great amount of experience with cats of all types and ages. Skilled with cats who need meds, who love to play for hours, who chat whenever they see a human, or who love to spend time alone under a bed, Lyre is happy to spend a day taking care of your kitty while you're away.

Mary Cat Feeding San Francisco



Since 1971, Mary has had at least one cat whenever possible! Today, she spoils her cats Josie and Bridget by making up nicknames and songs in their honor, talking to them, and giving them tons of kisses and snuggles. They have toys, a kitty condo, and lined cardboard boxes all over the house to chill in.  Mary is also raising two insightful human children with her amazing husband in San Francisco. She likes to read paper books and swim and will take excellent care of your beloved cat!

Megan Pet Sitter



Megan is a San Francisco native who’s never managed to stay away, a former outdoor education instructor, a trained herbalist, very part time astrologer, regular tai chi player, and a dedicated cat caregiver. She joined Precious Fur while nursing her latest cat through a terminal illness. Now Megan brings the same care and attention to your cats.

Precious Fur Cat Sitting Nia



Nia is a Bay Area native and animal lover! They live with four kitties (Poppy, Mia, Daveon, and Saturn) and are proud parent to one energetic chihuahua (Tiny Tim). Nia attends community college and aspires to get a degree in illustration so they can create graphic novels. Nia has previously worked as a dog walker and volunteer in an animal adoption center. Nia understands the amount of trust and authenticity required to care for someone’s furry family members and they are so excited to meet yours!

Oriahna Professional Cat Sitting San Francisco



Oriahna has spent her entire life around cats; always having multiple cats from the time she was little. She and her family have always had a soft spot for ferals and strays. Her most recent rescue is an orange tabby kitten she found under her grandparent's house. She is a California native, and is currently residing in San Francisco while attending City College as a psychology student. She has one beloved calico kitty. Your furry friend will be in loving and caring hands!

Phoenix Cat Sitter



Phoenix grew up in San Francisco with several cats and has remained an avid cat person over the years. Snuggling, petting, and playing with cats have been constant sources of joy in their life. Phoenix recently graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a BA in psychology and is incredibly excited to be able to spend time with cats again. In their free time, they enjoy hiking in parks around the city, seeing live comedy, and tending to their fish tank.

Rae SF Cat Sitter



Coming soon

Sara Pet Sitter



Sara was born and raised in San Francisco and is now a college student in the city majoring in Film. She loves animals, producing her own music, and clay sculpting. Sara shares her space with one cat as of now - Deeno, a 1 1/2 year old gray tabby with lots of energy - but hopes in the future to get him a friend. Aside from loving to play together, Sara’s favorite part of being a cat owner is the companionship it provides and the joy that comes from giving the best care possible.

Sparrow Pet Sitter Alameda


Sparrow has always had a special relationship with cats. She admires their curiosity, playfulness, intuitive nature, and independence. Besides taking wonderful care of your great cats, Sparrow spends her time raising her two teenage sons, practicing martial arts, being a massage therapist and studying traditional Chinese medicine.


Tee-Jai Cat Sitting Rockridge Piedmont



Tee-Jai loves all animals, but especially cats. In 2007, she adopted her own fur-baby, Kiko, from the SPCA. Her friends call her the cat whisperer due to her deep understanding of cat body language, from tail movements to different purrs. Besides cats, she is passionate about helping people and works full-time at the Department of Public Health doing preventative care work. Tee-Jai also enjoys traveling and baking and looks forward to giving your fur baby all her love and attention.

Tess Cat Sitter



Tess picked out her family's first kitty at four years old and since then, has always had at least one cat in her life at all times. She grew up with many kinds of pets, and at one point had over a dozen in one home! Tess has volunteered at animal shelters of all kinds and worked as an intern at a local veterinary clinic, but this job has really brought out the feline-fervent side of her! 

Tia Berkeley Cat Sitting



Tia moved to San Francisco during the beginning of the pandemic. She is an avid animal rights activist, opting for the attentive care and quality comfort for your fur babies. Tia has always been an animal lover and has had a cat in the house since her first years. Senior year of high school her childhood cat had to be euthanized. So she really cherishes her time cat sitting!

Caroline In Home Cat Sitting San Francsico


Assistant Manager


Caroline is a long-time resident of San Francisco. She has worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years while pursuing career opportunities in varying fields. After her beloved cat passed, she explored the idea of fostering; however, found cat sitting to be the perfect opportunity to express her love and passion for animals. Caroline has a deep understanding of people's bonds with their cats, and displays it in the care she shows for every little furball she meets.

Charlie Berkeley Cat Sitting


Assistant Manager


Charlie has called San Francisco home for 20 years and is a life-long lover of animals. Their current in-house companion is a high energy Tortie and SPCA rescue cat named Meadow. Charlie has great enthusiasm for the arts, yoga, meditation, community service and nature photography. Charlie relishes the opportunity to give your cats the soothing care and companionship they need while you are away.

Karen San Francisco Cat Sitters


Assistant Manager


Cats have been a constant source of joy in Karen’s life since begging to bring home a kitten when she was little. After several years of fostering kittens at the SPCA, she ended up adopting a whole litter! Karen has been with Precious Fur since 2017, after retiring from a long career as a wedding floral designer.  She loves living in San Francisco, spending time with her husband and two grown children, and snuggling with her kitties.

Andrea Emeryville Pet and House Sitters


Human Resources


Andrea works behind the scenes remotely from her home in Oregon supporting all of the sitters and clients by ensuring that business systems run smoothly. As a life-long lover of animals and problem solving, this role was a perfect fit. When not focused on Precious Fur, she works as a voice actor, volunteers in the community and enjoys adventures with her partner and two children.

Kristin Precious Fur Owner Cat Sitting SF East Bay


Business Owner


Kristin is a native Oregonian that developed her love for cats in homes that always had animals around. When she’s not busy playing with her feline friends, Kristin stays busy by chasing around her two young kids, Glen (3) and Mirinda (2), with help from her husband, Neil. 

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